Types of Brushes You Could Use to Apply Gel Nail Polish

Brushes for Gel Nail Polish

When you are dreaming about a flawless gel manicure, nail art brushes help you create everything. You can design your nails with floral prints, paint thin lines, or create unique shadows.

The brush serves to be a tool when can transform the appearance of your nails. So, here’s a guide which would help you select the right brush for the nail art you have on your mind.

Guide to Selecting the Right Brush for Gel Nail Polish Art

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Liner Brush

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A liner brush features a tip with a few bristles at the end. The tool resembles a sharpened pencil used for sketching pictures. Usually, liner brushes are used for short strokes and details. It also helps for adding contours and outlining images.

Shader Brush

Generally, a shader brush is relatively smaller in comparison to any other brush. The tool can easily be distinguished from the lot because of its blunt end.

The brush can be used whenever you are painting nails across the entire surface.

Since it’s versatile in nature, you can always think about using two different color shades for a nail art.

Fan Brush

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A fan brush is nothing but a brush featuring medium length bristles. Unlike others, such a kind of brush has bristles spread out across an acute angle.

Whenever you think about this tool, you can create airbrush effects, streaks, and a gradient effect.

Besides, you can think out of the box as the brush helps you paint the nails with a combination of colors. It can also be used to brush off excess powder or glitter.

Marbler Brush

If you are seeking for a thick brush with a pointed tip, then you should opt for a marbler brush. While the tool aids you to blend colors for a custom shade, you can pep up the art with swirls or zigzag lines.

Moreover, you can use it for beautifying nails with dots or flowers. It’s pretty easy to identify a Marbler brush. This is because the entire body is made from wood and tips are present at both the ends.

Crooked Detailer Brush

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Interestingly, crooked detailer brushes have a shaft bent to an angle. Apart from other features, these brushes have uneven bristles. With the angular tip, you can not only embellish the nails with fine lines but also outline the nail art as per your desires. Well, as it’s possible to adjust the angle, the tool helps to make the design look attractive.

Detailer Brush

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Characterized by short bristles, the detailer brush has a tip in shape of a cone. The brush can come in handy whenever you are working on intricate details.

As you draw all sorts of flowers, you can place the brush flat and paint the petals in a better way.

So, if you are dreaming for one of the best artwork, then this tool is just for you.

Striper brush

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With very long bristles, the striper brush sports a pointed and round tip. The tool is extremely useful when you need to create vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines.

You can always try thick or thin lines depending on the paint on the bristles and the thickness.

Grass Comb brush

This type of brush comes with flat and short length bristles. With just one stroke, the grass comb brush enables you to create a mesmerizing airbrush effect.

When you are prepared to try out a technique, the brush would help you apply coats without any hassles.

Angular Brush

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As it’s obvious from the name, an angular brush has bristles varying in length because they have been trimmed at an angle 45 degrees. The tool can be used for creating slants and unique shapes.

So, hope you know which brush you must select for a gel manicure. Always clean the brush and wipe it dry once the nails have been painted. Remember to keep the brush upside down for retaining the position of the bristles.


Selecting the right brush is essential for achieving flawless gel nail art. Each brush serves a unique purpose, from the liner brush for fine details to the shader brush for broad coverage and blending. The fan brush creates stunning gradients and airbrush effects, while the marbler brush is perfect for swirls and dots.

The crooked detailer brush allows for precise outlines, and the detailer brush is ideal for intricate designs. Striper brushes are great for lines, and the grass comb brush offers easy airbrush effects. Lastly, the angular brush helps create sharp, slanted designs. Proper care and maintenance of your brushes ensure they remain effective for all your nail art needs.