Cut-Creasing – All You Need to Know About the Trending Beauty Hack


Through the years, the cut crease makeup has been quite popular on social media platforms. While makeup fans try playing around with the beauty techniques, they continue experimenting on different textures and shades. These usually include glitter, and bold color shades.

If you are still wondering about what we are talking about, then let’s check what cut crease is all about.

What Is Cut Creasing All About?

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Cut creasing is usually referred to as an eyeshadow technique that defines the eyelids in a much better way. While the expert tries to create a color contrast, the crease actually cuts through the area.

If you’re trying the technique for the first time, then you should always move on slowly. For accomplishing the natural look, you can build the intensity a few months later.

In case you would be implementing the technique on your own, then you should stand in front of the mirror and figure out the area where you want the fold to be visible. After some time, you can start building the shadow as you blend the line in the upward direction.

Steps You Need To Follow For Cut Crease Makeup

A person actually needs to master the art of producing cut crease makeup. Even though his eyesight might be strong, he should never think about creating a wrong curve that can ruin the overall appearance. So, whenever you visit the salon, you should always keep in mind the goal that the beauty expert needs to accomplish.

Initially, you should imagine how the eyes should actually appear. Think whether deeper curves towards the inner corner would be suitable for your face as well as the eyes. Moving ahead, think if the expert needs to tweak the style hack for a neutral eye form. Once you have figured out the form, then here are the steps you could observe.

But, before moving ahead, you need to gather 3x eyeshadow shades, a black eyeliner / eye pencil, an eye makeup brush, and fake eye lashes (optional).

Step 1: Initially, you need to apply the eye primer to the entire lid. Afterwards, the eye shadow has to be applied and brow bone needs to be highlighted with a white colored shade.

Step 2: Now, when it’s time to sketch, you need to use an eyeliner for the V-shape. Start off from the middle of the eye to the outermost corner of the eye. ]

Ensure that you draw thick lines towards the outer corner and apply little pressure towards the inner corners. This would help you come up with a natural look because the liner would appear lighter and somber.

NOTE: It’s completely fine if you commit mistakes. You can rectify the errors later with the help of a makeup remover.

Once you have drawn the cut crease, then it might look as depicted in the image below.

Step 3: Moving ahead, you must use an eye brush to camouflage the eyeliner towards the outer corners. If it’s possible, then try to use your skills and make sure that you keep the bottom of the cut crease sharp.

Step 4: By using an eyeliner, you should then apply eye shadow above and the beneath the line. In case you make mistakes, then you can hide them immediately with a light / white colored eyeshadow.

Step 5: Now, for the dramatic look, you must wing out the eyeliner as much as you can. You can skip this step if you want to in case you have accomplished the desired look.

Step 6: In the end, you can enhance the beauty of your eyes with the eyeliner or the eyeshadow. You should then focus on adding a subtle pop of color near the lower lashline. After a few seconds, you can use false eyelashes for the makeup look you dreamt of.

Tips for Cut Creasing

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As you start highlighting the eyes, you need to apply a brown colored coat just above your eyes. You may also prefer using burnt orange or morocco for a transitional eye shade.

Always use a fluffy brush while applying the coat. Make sure that the bristles are loose or else you won’t be able to perceive the effect.

As far as the brush position is concerned, you should hold at an angle. In case you’re holding it straight, then the edge of the brush is going to offer a hard line. Once you start moving the brush gently, you need to create fine lines in the upward direction.

Once you have applied the transition shade, you need to proceed with the crease. It’s always a good idea to use mattes just because you can achieve finer details and a rich look.

For the lid, you need to use a flat brush with the edge a bit rounded. Be sure that you do the lid after the crease because it’s quite easy to highlight the areas the way you always wished.

After everything is done, you can extend the end to form a V with the eyelashes. It’s just like blending the area to give an illusion that the eye lashes are quite long.

For hooded eyes, you shouldn’t forget to use a concealer and a small brush. This would help you control the strokes and accomplish the look in a better way.

Some Eye Creasing Trends In 2024

Spring Makeup

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This eye makeup look magnificent with two eyeshadow color shades, metallic and neutral. While gold and bronze is used to highlight the parts of the eye, the center looks cool with the dark brown shade.

Smokey Eye Makeup

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A beauty trend that would be become popular in 2024 is the subtle makeup. The idea is to garner the attention and make the dramatic look prominent and noticeable. In fact, beginners can always adopt the style with the desired eyeshadow.

Red And Pink Cut Crease

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The upcoming blend of pink and red color shades would just add on to a unique technique. The fashionista would no longer have to look for any more online tutorials. This is because everything would look natural with purple and bold color shades.

Natural Prom With Bronze

For a stunning look, you should always level up the style quotient with bronze and brown. While the trend is just perfect for a grand occasion, the neutral palette could be worn almost every day. If you can’t hone in the skills, then you can insist the expert to combine the color to its level best.

Hazel Eyes

When you need to flaunt with colorful looks, you can always beautify the eyes with blue or green. While you won’t reflect a weird look, the color contrast would look somewhat natural. In case of cat eyes, you can always use green and blue.

Final Words

you should always be meticulous in selecting the color shades. Be careful while you are using the brush. In case of a gradient or halo effect, be sure that you have mastered the techniques. In case you don’t have the time to spare for the makeup, then you must visit the salon and ask the beauty expert to manage everything for you. Besides, you should know when and which type of brush you need to use.

So, what are you waiting for? Step out and try the style hack for the mesmerizing look.