Safety Tips To Follow As a Solo Traveler

Safety Tips To Follow As a Solo Traveler

In the past months, we have traveled to many regions across the globe. The thing that surprised us was the reactions when a lady was alone. Most of the times, the individuals ask about safety precautions. So, with this in mind, we have come up with some safety tips for a solo traveler.

Essential Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

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  • It’s always better to scan the passport, health card and the driver’s license. Later, you need to email the soft copy to yourself and your family members. This would certainly be helpful when you lose your passport. You would be able to refer to the soft copy at any point in time.
  • Never forget to inform your family members when you would be traveling. Once you arrive at the destination, you should confirm the hotel address and the room that you are going to occupy. This is better because if something happens accidentally, then your family members know where you are.
  • If someone starts interacting with you, then you should be bold and confident. There are several instances when men try to approach a female in the way she doesn’t like. While you may think that something may happen, you should walk away and ignore the individual.
  • When you are trying to build a relationship, other people would be willing to come to you and help you as much as possible. A smile on your face can actually keep you from robbers. For instance, when a pregnant woman approached a girl, he requested her to sit somewhere else. There two individuals who were telling her that she should get off the bus early. The woman smiled at the girl after hearing the conversation. This immediately lets the lady think that something would go wrong.
  • You would always find many thieves in buses and trains. So, as you are getting ready to visit the city, you shouldn’t carry anything in the back pocket. You should take care of a group of women who might trick and steal everything.
  • On a longer ride, if you like sitting next to a woman then you should ask. Most of the time, you can procure the information from the clerk and seek his assistance.  In case the seats aren’t reserved, then the individual would allow you to sit after knowing more about where you want to get down.
  • Find the best route to travel from the place where you have settled down. You should check the price first and double check with the receptionist or the security guard. This would give you a clear idea about the mode of transport and the best cabs you can take.
  • You may come across many subtleties on your way. Never be afraid about the people around you. Instead, you should walk around as if you have been living at the place since a long time. Hopefully, nobody would try to cheat you when they know that you’re alone.
  • Stash the essential items in your handbag. While you are on the trip, you should always carry your laptop, DSLR camera, and the iPod. You could also carry a portable music player which would make the on the go experience exciting.
  • Never listen to an iPod while you are roaming on the streets. This would make you conscious in overcrowded areas and draw the attention of thieves. They might just pickpocket you or confront you with a pistol or a knife.
  • If you aren’t sure about the path you need to take, then you can pull out your smartphone and look for a map. Never try viewing the map on the street. You should rather pop into a restaurant or a store, occupy a corner, and take your time to check the route.
  • As soon as you arrive at the hostel, you have to forget those worries and be courteous and friendly. Once you have kept your bags aside, you can go to the front desk, get a map and check the areas you should avoid moving around. You could also ask common scams that you eventually ought to know. In case there’s a barrier in communication, then you can surf the internet and check the headlines. You may also grab a newspaper published in English and go through the news.
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Finally, you should always keep the business card with you even when it’s time to check in. It’s tough to trace the hostel or hotel especially when you are not in a good mood or you when you have got drunk. If you are traveling alone, then you should be kind to poor people. It’s always better to avail a travel insurance if you have to deal with a bad situation. As you take steps to mitigate risks, you should be confident and think positive.

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Solo travel can be both rewarding and empowering when done responsibly and preparedly. By taking simple yet effective measures such as keeping loved ones informed, remaining vigilant in public spaces, and staying aware of your surroundings – taking these simple measures could significantly enhance the safety of your journey.

Remember to trust in yourself, remain confident, and maintain a positive outlook – these will all ensure your solo adventures remain memorable for all the right reasons!