How to Care for Afro Hair

How To Look After Afro Hair

Nowadays, women don’t prefer to flaunt with perm and weave. In fact, when they try to keep the hairstyle look natural, it seems that Afros have become the recent trend.

However, it isn’t that easy to grow and maintain Afro hair. To achieve the fragile texture, the individual needs a lot of patience and impeccable skills. So, as you read ahead you can go through some tips for maintaining Afro hair.

Best Tips for Maintaining Afro Hair

Never Wash Hair Daily

As you try to level up the style quotient every time you step out for the occasion, you should limit the use of shampoo every week. Instead of applying the shampoo daily, you can just rub your scalp when you are taking a shower.

Even if you think about using a shampoo with essential oils, then the moisture in your hair would no longer be retained. So, even though you are obsessed with using a conditioner, you should avoid using it completely.

Change The Pillowcase Frequently

It’s always a good idea to use a soft, satin pillowcase instead of a coarse, cotton pillowcase. While the fabric has less absorbing capacity, it is known to have more number of threads.

On the contrary, rough fabrics can damage the hair as it comes in contact with the scalp. Actually, cotton absorbs a considerable amount of oil that’s used to maintain the hair.

Cover Your Head In Rough Climatic Conditions

If you think that your head would get affected due to precipitation, then you can cover the scalp with a hat or a scarf.

Rough weather can lead to hair loss if the head is exposed to direct sunlight, wind, monsoon days, and intense heat. This eventually makes it tough to manage everything and make hair frizzy.

So, if you know that you have to get rid of the consequences, then you should protect the heat in the best way.

Braid Your Hair At Night

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In order to retain the moisture throughout the entire night, it’s always better to braid your hair. As you master the skill day after day, you would be able to keep the strands close to each other.

Rather than leaving the hair loose, plaiting the hair would just be appropriate.

Once the night passes by and you have slept well, you won’t have to bother about leaching oil and pillow chafing.

Trim The Split Ends

Split ends can probably be the cause for hair damage. So, if you neglect cutting those split ends, then this would have an impact on the health of the hair.

As you stand in front of the mirror, you can check for split ends at least once in a week.

In case you can trim the ends on your own, then you should remember to visit the salon and insist the expert to do the job.

Use A Moisturizer

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Afro hair is prone to be become rough and dry out in less time. So, when you are thinking about the curls all the time, it’s important to use a moisturizer.

When you strive to maintain the hair style, you can always search and use a branded conditioner spray. This beauty care product would not only nourish and moisturize the hair but also help the person feel great about the hairstyle.

Detangle Hair Regularly

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Once the afro hair starts growing longer, you might have to spare time in detangling them. After all, tangles are something that would lead to more curls. To avoid the mess, you can always use a pick for detangling the hair. But, if you are thinking about using a comb, then look for a wide tooth comb.

Be Aware Of The Heat

Using a blow dryer or a flat iron can always ruin the style. Apart from frying the hair, these items can lead to brittleness and hair damage to a serious extent. So, as you think about reducing the heat intensity, you should always use a heat protection spray.

You can either visit the local outlets and make a purchase or select the best product from those showcased on the online portals.

If you are confused on which spray you need to buy, then you can speak with your companions and decide accordingly.

Consider A Suitable Style

Think about flaunting with a protective style which prevents damage due to frequent wear and tear of the hair. Anything may suit you, but you should know what you need to go with depending on the weather condition.

As you would be delighted in maintaining the hair, you can consider getting braids, rock with a bun just above your head, or weave the hair a little bit.

Listen To Your Heart

You should take a firm decision in buying a product just because you have come across amazing reviews. Moreover, you shouldn’t follow a technique that you may see through online videos or the ones your friends have insisted.

On the other hand, if you have purchased a product and you are completely disappointed with the results, then you should continue using the product.

You might hopefully accomplish the results as you decipher what would look great for your hair.

Avoid Straightening The Hair Excessively

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It’s always advisable not to expose hair to heat. While the temperature might just cause frizz to go wild, you would just get irritated with curls.

In case you observe a bad condition, then you shouldn’t dry the hair as you stand next to a fan. Instead, you can blow dry the hair, but the task has to be done only when you are getting ready for an occasion.

Sleep Well During The Night

People who have insomnia are more likely to face hair loss and issues related to the hair follicles. Ideally, you must sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours. This would make you feel better, keep the mind calm, and retain the lustre of your hair.

Finally, you should follow a diet with foodstuffs rich in nutrients. Try eating items which are a good source of proteins, Vitamins, fiber, and monosaturated fats.

Remember to avoid drinking alcohol or eating excess amount of sweets because these are not good for the skin and the hair. To boost the level of nutrients, you can nibble on green vegetables, olives, nuts, salmon, and whole grains.


Healthy Afro hair requires consistent care to preserve its beauty and health, such as using satin pillowcases to reduce shampoo use, protecting from harsh weather conditions, braiding at night with satin braiders to trim split ends, moisturizing regularly, detangling gently.

Avoid excessive heat styling techniques like hair straightening irons; choose protective styles; listen to what your hair wants; support its health through adequate sleep and nutrition – by following these simple rules, Afro locks will remain looking their best!