Tools You Should Purchase for A Creative Gel Polish Nail Art

Tools for Creative Gel Polish Nail Art

When you are bothered about a nail art, you actually need some tools if you are thinking about something innovative. It’s actually an expensive disposition in case you visit the salon time and again. So, doing everything all by yourself can help you save more and be a wonderful experience. So, to get started you should procure some tools. Here’s a list that you should surely go through.

Essential Tools for Creative Gel Polish Nail Art

Creative Gel Polish Nail Art
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Gel Polish

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Just ensure that you stock up nail polish of different color shades. These include red, green, blue, rose and violet. While there are many shades available in the market, you must choose a color suitable for your skin tone. Remember to go for a brand new polish and source a thinner. The nail polish is bound to become thick and inconsistent in nature after you’re done with the gel manicure.

Art Brushes

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You need to source the right art brushes for the desired nail art. While some of these have bristles arranged in form of a cone, others may be flat towards the end. It’s totally up to what you need to purchase. In case you don’t have time to spare, you can visit online portals and scope out the best brush from the options showcased online.

Scotch Tapes

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If you prefer to paint thin lines on your nails, then you should consider striping and scotch tapes. After the base coat dries down, you can paste the striping tape in whichever pattern you wish. For blocking color to a substantial degree, you should use a plain-old scotch tape. Well, depending on the nail art design, you can always select a tape of suitable width.

Makeup Sponges

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While you are about to implement a nail art idea, you can use makeup sponges for creating ombre-inspired gradients. You would love using such a kind of accessory because you can improve color saturation the way you always want. While a few dabs create a space effect, a gentle touch helps in creating an effect that can be distinguished from the rest.

Bobby Pins

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Bobby pins are generally used for polka dots. With the help of a dotting tool, you can simply smear the heads of the pins and add bling to the nail art. Once you love using these, you can also create dots varying is sizes. Even if you have never used these pins before, you should keep your hand steady while decorating your nails with dots.


For enhancing the beauty of your nails, you can grab a packet of rhinestones. These are nothing but tiny jewels that sport different color shades. You can make it for an ultra-stylish look as you strew these in a creative way. For a better price, you need to buy Rhinestones in bulk from local outlets or from online portals.

Loose Glitter

Glitter is sure to add elegance and level up your style quotient. You can either use glitter of the same shade or in contrast to the top coat. For using these, you need to dip wet fingernails in a jar that’s filled with loose glitter. Once you have removed the nails, you can gently brush away excess glitter.

Nail art sticks

Nail art sticks might seem simple in appearance but the best part is that you can cut them into the desired dimensions. You would always be bringing in a new trend once you are able to create an artistic or stamping effect with the sticks. Simply, dip the stick in the nail paint and design the surface artistically.

Nail Art Stickers

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For those who aren’t comfortable in applying gel polish coats, nail art stickers serve to be a better alternative. You simply need to paste these stickers over clean and bare nails.

Whether they feature stripes or golden studs, you would have a reason to show off style as you dress up for an occasion.

So, hope you enjoy using these tools for a whole new vibe. Do let us know if we have missed out any other tool.


Beginning your DIY nail art journey is both economical and artistically fulfilling, providing both economical and creative satisfaction in equal measures. By investing in essential tools for nail art DIY at home – from vibrant shades of gel polish and precision brushes, to versatile tapes and exquisite rhinestones – each tool plays a critical part in helping achieve desired nail designs.

Makeup sponges allow beautiful gradient effects; while bobby pins provide unique textures while loose glitter offers texture contrasts; nail art sticks/stickers provide fast yet impressive results; finally nail art sticks/stickers provide extra options when needed for quick yet impressive nail designs at home!

By stocking up on tools for nail art at home, not only can you save on salon visits but also open a world of creative potential. Experimentation with different techniques and styles is both rewarding and keeps up with nail art trends; so take part in exploring this intricate world and enjoy creating designs that reflect who you are as an individual while staying up to date on current fashions! If there are any tools or tips we missed here please let us know; there’s always something new in nail art’s ever-evolving world that awaits discovery!