How to Use a UV Lamp for Curing Gel Nails

How to Use a UV Lamp for Curing Gel Nails

While a manicure is in full swing at a salon, the individual who is beautifying the nails would place them under UV light. This step should be performed to strengthen the coat and protect your fingernails with the polish. There are many models of UV lamps available.

These boast features like energy-saving mode and timers. So, if you follow the right procedure, then you would be able to cure the nails at home with the help of a UV lamp.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using a UV Lamp for Curing Gel Nails

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Step 1

First and foremost, you should wash your nails with soap and wipe them clean. Then you should move on by filing them and removing nail polish that you can put on earlier. To get rid of oils, you should use a fine grit emery board. This would help the gel to adhere on the nail’s surface.

Besides, grab glue that should be applied on the nails. Don’t forget to apply a thin coat of primer before you begin with the gel manicure. Do make sure that you allow the primer to dry completely.

Step 2

Applying a thin coat should be the second step. As you use a gel brush, you must start from somewhere near the center of the nails. Brush the gel polish gradually from the cuticle right till the tip. Avoid applying pressure but carry out the step with a gentle hand.

Just make sure you don’t apply gel around the cuticles. If some polish adheres on the cuticles accidentally, then it’s better to use an orange stick to wipe it off.

Step 3

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Once you are done with the first coat, you should cure the nails under the UV lamp. Usually, you should remove your nails post a duration of 3 minutes.

It’s worth investing in an ultraviolet lamp because the bulb lasts for 50,000 hours and you don’t have to bother about a replacement. As compared to other methods of drying nails, a UV lamp dries nails much faster than you had ever thought about. Moving forward, you need to apply a second coat just as you had done earlier. Cure the nails once again under the UV lamp for a minimum of 2 minutes.

In case you wish to apply the third and fourth coat, then you need to repeat the steps all over again.

While you’re purchasing a UV lamp, you should ensure if the lamp comes with a warranty. While many of the brands offer a 1 year warranty, others provide a warranty for 90 days.

At any point of time, the warranty helps you fix issues I the lamp stops functioning or breaks down all of a sudden.

You should also look for other features like preset timers and motion sensors. Additionally, you should buy a lamp with a fan if you wish to paint your nails with regular nail lacquer.

There are many other features you need to observe with a UV lamp. The accessory should have a sliding tray which would help you change bulbs easily.

It should also feature reflective surfaces which would help for drying nails effectively. These should be attached towards the base, top as well as the sides.

As far as the power output is concerned, you should go for a 36W lamp. In case you don’t consider this tip seriously, then gel nails may appear dull or smudged once they are dried.

The nails might also reflect a dull appearance even when you have been creative with the nail art design.Using gel polish is a great way to beautify nails.

However, you should be careful while purchasing a UV lamp. These are easily available online or at the marketplace.


Achieving a professional-looking gel manicure at home is entirely feasible with the right UV lamp and proper techniques. By following the outlined steps—starting with thorough nail preparation, applying thin coats of gel polish, and curing each layer under a reliable UV lamp—you can ensure durable and beautiful nails. Investing in a good UV lamp with features such as energy-saving mode, timers, and adequate power output is essential for effective and efficient curing.

Additionally, considering aspects like warranty, ease of bulb replacement, and reflective surfaces will enhance your manicure experience. Ultimately, with careful attention to detail and quality equipment, you can enjoy salon-quality gel nails from the comfort of your home.